WordPoints Daybook Series - Set 00

Set: WordPoints Daybook Series


Set of all four current volumes in the WordPoints Daybook Series by Gary Henry — at a specially discounted price.

Contains Enthusiastic Ideas, More Enthusiastic Ideas, Diligently Seeking God, and Reaching Forward.

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Product Description

The WordPoints Daybook Series by Gary Henry sets a new standard for daily meditations. In the time-honored tradition of the “daybook,” these beloved volumes give the reader a short, pithy essay for each day of the year.

To date, the WordPoints Daybook Series is comprised of four volumes: Enthusiastic Ideas (Book 1), More Enthusiastic Ideas (Book 2), Diligently Seeking God (Book 3), and Reaching Forward (Book 4).

A daybook is intended to provide a brief reading that is suggestive and provocative — each essay is meaningful on its own, but it also serves as a springboard for thoughtful meditation throughout the day.

Gary Henry’s books are a unique blend of comfort and critique. They are encouraging, but they also challenge the reader to take steps that may be difficult. The goal is not simply to make the reader simply feel good; it is to provide motivation for change that will, in the end, be the basis for genuine emotional health.

Readers’ Remarks

* * * Gary Henry is the C. S. Lewis of the 21st century. I believe his books will endure the passing of time and will be called upon many years hence when future generations need truth, direction, gentle reprimand, and a reminder of Christian living. — Anita Sewall

* * * Poignant, honest, and compassionate, Gary’s daybook series has impacted my perspective on God more than any other writing outside the Bible itself. Gary’s deep reverence for God and genuine desire to “get it right” have motivated him to influence how an entire generation seeks after the Lord. — Heidi Wickersheim

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